Communicating to patients

Direct-to-consumer advertising has forever changed the relationship between patients and their healthcare providers. While the debate continues about what constitutes the appropriate amount of influence, one thing is clear, patients now take a more active role in their own care than ever before.

This leaves brands asking themselves important questions, such as: How can we raise awareness among patients about the best options for the treatment of their disease? How can the patient play an active role in their total health and lifestyle? How can our brand motivate patients to become loyal advocates and help others with the same disease?

Evolution can help your brand reach patients through:

  • professional-to-patient education programs
  • patient community support groups
  • patient educational materials
  • pencast diaries
  • content development
  • script development
  • advisory boards
  • live expert broadcasts
  • social media campaigns
  • testimonial videos
  • caregiver materials
  • promotional disease education
  • Mechanism of Action (MOA) videos