Communicating to investigators

One of the biggest hurdles in a pharmaceutical brand’s lifecycle is achieving the Phase III and Phase IV milestones. During the course of successfully achieving these milestones, the communication needs of the product expand significantly, as clinical trials can involve hundreds of investigators and thousands of patients.

In order to successfully complete these trials, product development teams need to ensure that the study is conducted according to regulatory and ethical guidelines, with a watchful eye on compliance and safety.

With so much at stake, product development teams must find ways to work seamlessly with investigators. Whether working online through secure cloud-based portals or conducting face-to-face live training sessions or planning meetings, product leaders and company researchers have many options for sharing protocols, explaining innovative techniques, and conveying their excitement for the potential product launch.

Evolution can help your brand reach investigators through:

  • live and virtual investigator meetings
  • venue search
  • recruiting support
  • secure trial management websites
  • virtual and live training and support